Republic of South Ossetia is located оn the southern slopes of the Main Caucasus Range in the area of 3900 square meters. Тhe capital is the city of Tskhinval.
One-tenth of the surface occupied by the Republic of the foothills.
The rest of the territory - the mountainous terrain height from 850 to 3938 meters above sea level.
The highest point - Mount Halatsa (3938 m).

Pertaining to the mourning ceremony in honor of the 13 Communards

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A mourning meeting dedicated to the 97th anniversary of one of the bloodiest dates in the Ossetian history – the Execution of 13 Communards in 1920, took place in South Ossetia on June 20. To pay tribute to the heroes who sacrificed their lives for freedom of the Ossetian people, Analotliy Bibilov, the President of the Republic, Erik Pukhaev, the Prime Minister, Petr Gassiev, the Speaker of the Parliament, cabinet ministers, members of the parliament, public members came to the memorial at the Hill of Zguder.

In his speech the Head of the State noted that there have been many tragic events in the history of South Ossetian national liberation movement.

“The main objective of our enemies was destruction, eradication of honor of the Ossetians, which our people, starting from Sarmatians, Scythians and Alans, carried through the history. The more they hurt us, the stronger we become. It is proved by modern history, by the events of 1989 – 1992, by the events of 2004 and 2008. All these events could legitimately be named a Patriotic war fought by the Ossetians.
The people of South Ossetia want to have mutual understanding and live in peace with everyone, and the symbol of heroism, the symbol of pride, at which we are standing, should serve as a certain lesson for those who intent to call the territory of South Ossetia theirs. It should be clear for them that it will never happen.

South Ossetia will develop; life will go on here, and children of South Ossetia will live in peace. Our task is to hand down from generation to generation those examples of courage shown by our ancestors. And the main thing is to remember them. To live and to remember”, - said the President.

The First Deputy Head of the RSO President’s Administration Konstantin Pukhaev, a candidate of historical sciences, told the attendees about the importance of the historic date.

After the meeting a wreath laying ceremony to the monument to the 13 Communards took place.

Tskhinval, June 20, 2017