Republic of South Ossetia is located оn the southern slopes of the Main Caucasus Range in the area of 3900 square meters. Тhe capital is the city of Tskhinval.
One-tenth of the surface occupied by the Republic of the foothills.
The rest of the territory - the mountainous terrain height from 850 to 3938 meters above sea level.
The highest point - Mount Halatsa (3938 m).

Press release of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of South Ossetia

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September 19, 2017 saw Dmitriy Medoev, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of South Ossetia, hosting a meeting with Mauro Murgia, the Representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of South Ossetia in Italy, who among the delegation from Italy arrived in Tskhinval to participate in the festivities, dedicated to the 27th Anniversary of the Republic of South Ossetia.

Members of the delegation: Giulietto Chiesa, Director of Pandora TV, political scientist, writer and public person; Margherita Furlan, Chief Editor of Pandora TV; Elizeo Bertolazi, Professor of Cultural Anthropology, journalist, expert on Caucasus; Luca Pingitore, journalist, expert on Caucasus; Eddy Tomat, entrepreneur; Palmarino Zocatelli, President of “Comitato Veneto Indipendente”.

During the discussion the parties exchanged opinion on range of issues of mutual interest.

In framework of the visit of the delegation a commemoration event will be organized in “Vincenzo” restaurant. Citizens of Tskhinval would express solidarity with citizens of Amatrice, the Italian city, badly damaged with the earthquake in August, 2016. A photo exhibition dedicated to the memory of numerous victims of the destructive earthquake will be opened as well.

Presentation of Italian all'Amatrichana pasta including tasting of the well-known Italian spaghetti and other traditional Italian products will also take place in “Vincenzo”. The presentation will be held by an Italian journalist Luca Pingitore.

Tskhinval, September 19, 2017