Republic of South Ossetia is located оn the southern slopes of the Main Caucasus Range in the area of 3900 square meters. Тhe capital is the city of Tskhinval.
One-tenth of the surface occupied by the Republic of the foothills.
The rest of the territory - the mountainous terrain height from 850 to 3938 meters above sea level.
The highest point - Mount Halatsa (3938 m).

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of South Ossetia Press Service Report

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On 7-8 August 2011, in all outward institutions of the MFA of South Ossetia the memorable activities dedicated to the third anniversary of the armed aggression of Georgia against South Ossetia were held.

In the Embassy of the Republic of South Ossetia in the Russian Federation commemorative activities began in the evening of August 7 at 23:35 just when in August of 2008 the city Tskhinval was exposed to the first massive artillery fire from Georgian side. The National Flag of the Republic of South Ossetia was lowered, a silence minute was announced and the memory candles were lit on the territory of the Embassy.

Plenipotentiary Representative of the Republic North Ossetia-Alania at RF President Totoonov A.B., ‘Rossiya Molodaya’ activists, the representatives of Moscow public visited the Embassy to pay tribute to the fallen of those tragic days of August 2008.

On 8 August, commemorative activities continued in the Embassy. On this day so that to honor the victims of the war in South Ossetia the officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of RF, RF State Duma, the representatives of diplomatic corps accredited in Moscow, the delegates of Ossetiaс Diaspora, the representatives of Moscow public, the members of ‘Molodaya Gvardia’ organization, the youth wing of the LDPR and other youth organizations, the representatives of Russian mass media visited the Embassy. Wreathes were laid on the walls of the Embassy to commemorate the fallen, the candles were lit.

On the same day the service for the guiltless killed citizens of the Republic, defenders of the Fatherland, Russian Peacekeepers, soldiers and officers of the Russian Army killed during the repelling the Georgian aggression was held in Transfiguration church of Christ the Savior.

Condolence telegrams expressing sympathy and support were received from the leaders of different organizations, public and political figures in the Embassy.

Many people visited the Embassy of the Republic of South Ossetia in Sukhum by the day of August 8; they commemorated those who were killed by Georgian aggressors, expressed their support of the people of South Ossetia and made records in the Memory Book. Among the guests of the Embassy were presidential candidates of the Republic of Abkhazia, the delegates of Parliament and Government, ministers, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Russian Federation to Abkhazia, the workers of the scientific and educational institutions, representatives of the Russian Communities Congress in Abkhazia, public representatives.

In Tiraspol the officers of the Official Representation of the Republic of South Ossetia in Transdniestria Moldavian Republic together with the official representatives of TMR, officials of Abkhazia Representation in Transdniestria, delegates of non-government organizations laid flowers on the capital Glory Memorial honoring the fallen in South Ossetia by silence minute and lighting commemoration candles.

9 August 2011