Republic of South Ossetia is located оn the southern slopes of the Main Caucasus Range in the area of 3900 square meters. Тhe capital is the city of Tskhinval.
One-tenth of the surface occupied by the Republic of the foothills.
The rest of the territory - the mountainous terrain height from 850 to 3938 meters above sea level.
The highest point - Mount Halatsa (3938 m).

Comment by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of South Ossetia

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Pertaining to the statement of Jens Stoltenberg, Secretary General of NATO

A number of statements made by Jens Stoltenberg, Secretary General of NATO, marked the press conference organized after the NATO -Georgia committee meeting. Russia was urged to call back the recognition of South Ossetia and Abkhazia. Anxiety over the forthcoming agreement signing between South Ossetia and Russia was expressed.

Some western politicians make similar groundless appeals for more than 6 years. It’s known that recognition of this or that country is the exclusive prerogative of the recognizing state. The South Ossetian – Russian cooperation is developing in strict accordance with the principles and regulations of international law and doesn’t depend on the will and desire of a third party.

Some western politicians worry of the positive changes easing the international tensions in Transcaucasia and keep on the same policy of drawing Tbilisi in NATO, which was pushing Mikhail Saakashvili on criminal activities in the region and later resulted in notorious events of August, 2008.

It’s known that the Caucasian region is located at junction of major geopolitical interests and is an increased danger zone due to density of conflicts and geopolitical confrontation intensity. Pursuing the expansion policy NATO is on thin ice and is sequentially increasing the number of scenarios of possible use of force. Military springboard in the Caucasus is necessary for the USA. For this reason Georgian nationalism is of great use for American politicians who are ready to take advantage of it in obtaining their strategic objectives and turn Georgia into a hostage of a geopolitical game with zero outcome.

We believe the ongoing harmonization of Georgia with NATO as well as founding of NATO training center in Georgia are security threats for South Ossetia and Abkhazia, as the August war of 2008 is a recent and memorable experience for all citizens. Thus, to counterbalance the current challenges South Ossetia and Abkhazia have to enhance cooperation with the Russian Federation.
It’s high time for the representatives of North Atlantic Alliance and all those who stand for “the territorial integrity” of Georgia to realize that the people of South Ossetia have exercised their right for self-determination in full compliance with international law. Trying to contest the validity of this issue means acting against peace, security and normalization of international relations within the region.

February, 11, 2015, Tskhinval